The Home of High-Performance Building Education
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Live is better in a Passive House   
Our Mission: 
We are dedicated to never stop learning, growing and contributing. 

We are committed to inspiring you about high-performing buildings and providing you with the understanding to make your own educated decisions.

We educate by creating experiences that are informative and entertaining, all with the help of our passion and love.
The Home of High-Performing Building Education 
Did you know that our home is usually the most significant investment after our education? 
Did you know that we spend over 90% indoors? 

How much time and money have you invested in educating yourself about how your home is impacting your health? Is your home affecting your sustainable lifestyle? 

Did you know that buildings are responsible for 39% of the so harmful CO2 emission?  

“It was a fantastic and amazing weeks! We have learned in two weeks what usually takes a lot longer to grasp. Well done guys, let's keep it up.”
"Congrats everyone for such a truly hard work and all being very inspiring. Dan you are really a great teacher and we are all very grateful for their opportunity.”
“Thank you Daniel for sharing your knowledge. It’s been one of the most intense/valuable/stressful/rewarding 2 weeks of my life.”

About Daniel Kress 

Ultimate Building Performance Specialist
Daniel started his career as a carpenter in Germany and then worked in Ireland on the biggest residential modular project in the world at that time. After 10 years in the building game, he did his studies in civil engineering and worked as a researcher for the European Union in sustainable building.
Since 2015 Daniel has been working in the Australian building industry. He started his business Smart Plus Homes 2017 following his passion for educating and consulting the building industry regarding health and sustainable construction. He as well volunteers as a board member of the Australian Passive House Association.
Daniel is an accredited Passive House Trainer in Australia and is offering the Passive House Designer and Tradesperson Courses around the country.
"I am here to inspire and lead with passion and love, through learning, growing and contributing. " 
- Daniel Kress -
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