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Life is better in a Passive House   
The Certified Passive House Designer Course
[Monday 30 September – Thursday 10 October 2019]
The course will start in:
Learn what the Certified Passive House Designer Course is offering you and enrol today
Revealing the secret of how to do the course for FREE 
"I have gained much more practical understanding after the course which is great when working on a projects and discussing ideas with clients. The course also gave me a great value in having more understanding and holistic approach not only in terms of building but also sustainable living."

Izabela Katafoni 
"Daniel was very knowledgeable in the topic of Passive house and energy conservation. Daniels passion towards educating people towards the benefits of Passive Building practices is admirable. I have no doubt the information and tools I took away from the training session will prove invaluable to me and my career." 

Jonathan Gilfillan 
“For me it was warm wind that helped me to fly in the right direction, thank you! People I met on your course are a great support and help along the way. I believe that is all as you've placed this passive bug in our skin and that's amazing, well done! Also, once you learn it, you can't unlearn it."

Marta Kablar

About Daniel Kress 

Ultimate Building Performance Specialist
Daniel started his career as a carpenter in Germany and then worked in Ireland on the biggest residential modular project in the world at that time.
After 10 years in the building game, he did his studies in civil engineering and worked as a researcher for the European Union in sustainable building.
Since 2015 Daniel has been working in the Australian building industry. He started his business Smart Plus Homes in 2017 following his passion for educating and consulting the building industry regarding health and sustainable construction. 
He also volunteers as a board member of the Australian Passive House Association

Daniel is an accredited Passive House Trainer in Australia and is offering the Certified Passive House Designer and Certified Tradesperson Courses around the country.
"I am here to inspire and lead with passion and love, through learning, growing and contributing. " 
- Daniel Kress -
Revealing the secret of how to do the course for FREE 
Do you want to design energy-efficient & cost-optimal buildings worldwide?
Then the Passive House standard is what you are looking for, and this course shouldn’t be missed! You will learn first-hand everything from how to define the thermal envelope to how to overcome frequent planning and construction challenges. This course is aimed at all building professionals, including architects, engineers, policymakers, contractors and builders. However, we often see owner-builders and non-building professionals doing the course too. It consists of 9 days of in-class training, one day of in-class preparation and the international exam.
  • This course delivers the foundation of high-performance buildings. 
  • ​Invest in the future and be a front-runner for designing high-performance buildings. 
  • ​Passive House has a functional, climate-independent definition and enables you to design energy-efficient & cost-optimal buildings internationally.
  • 9 full days of learning about Passive House and how to design to the Passive House Standard.
  • ​One-Day Passive House Designer exam preparation.
  • ​International Certificate Passive House Designer examination.
  • Passive House software introduction. (PHPP and designPH) 
  • The 5 Passive House Designer A4 workbooks with over 1700 pages.
  • ​Passive House Planning Package software and Handbook.
  • ​Additional course material like the “cheat sheet” and mock exam questions.
  • Gain the knowledge in just 2 weeks that usually takes one year in a typical university setting.
  • Access Daniel Kress’s knowledge and experience that took him 20 years to gain. 
  • Listing as a Passive House Professional on the Passive House Institute's worldwide database for 5 years. 
Revealing the secret of how to do the course for FREE 
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